Effects of Venezuelan migration on wages in Colombia


  • Alix Juliana Obando Arias Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Josefa Ramoni-Perazzi Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Isaac Guerrero Rincón Universidad Industrial de Santander


This study analyzes the effects of Venezuelan migration, including Colombian returnees, on wages in Colombia based on information from the Great Integrated Sample Survey for the period 2013-2019. Both migrants and natives were classified by educational level and labor experience. Since migrants can displace native workers, we estimate the magnitude of the displacement effect by groups based on fixed effects regression models. The results suggest a low but statistically significant effect, though not significant from the technical point of view. However, the estimated elasticities of substitution show perfect substitution in some groups. Regarding the effects on wages, the results indicate a mainly negative impact ranging between -6,01% and 0,03%, depending on the group of workers and the period, being higher among those with perfect elasticity of substitution.


Venezuelan migration, Wages, Elasticity of substitution, Colombian labor market