Ethical standards

Editorial committee responsibilities

- The publisher and the editorial committee are obligated to ensure the quality of the published material, as well as apply at all times objective criteria, and exclude any kind of discrimination related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.

- The publisher and the editorial committee must safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the information provided by the magazine collaborators.

- The publisher and the editorial committee are prohibited from making use of the unpublished material for personal, group or institutional benefit, without the proper consent of the corresponding collaborators.

- The publisher promises to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions or apologies if necessary.

- The publisher and the editorial committee guarantee the peer review anonymity of the material received.

- It is the responsibility of the editorial committee’s to inform the authors of the evaluation results of their submissions in a timely manner.

Responsibilities of the reviewer

- Reviewers promise to apply clear and objective criteria to their revisions, as well as exclude any kind of discrimination according to race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs of the contributors.

- Reviewers promise to deal with all material entrusted confidentially. The possibility to discuss or comment on the material with third-parties during the evaluation period is prohibited.

- Reviewers will disqualify themselves from participating in the evaluation at the slightest suspicion of conflict of interests.

- Reviewers are prohibited from making any kind of use of the materials entrusted during the evaluation, selection, and publication periods.

Responsibilities of the contributors

- Contributors must provide a separate statement guaranteeing the reliability of the information along with the submission of the articles.

- Authors must guarantee the originality of the sent materials. Estudios de Economía does not accept works that have been previously published, regardless of format.

- Estudios de Economía actively rejects any sort of plagiarism, partial or total. Contributors must rigorously ensure to attribute quotations used to their sources according to the guidelines demanded by the magazine (seecontributors’ guidelines).

- It is the sole responsibility of the contributors to deliver materials in the format the magazine demands (seecontributors’ guidelines). The magazine reserves the right to reject submissions that do not fit its presentation guidelines.